A number of years ago we went to Church at a small country Church.  One of the families in the Church would arrive fairly early.  The husband was the keeper of the grounds.  He did this ministry to the absolute best of his ability.  I remember driving up and seeing the shrubs trimmed with crosses on the tops of them all.

When you would ask him where his wife was at this morning he would always respond, “She’s out in the car paintin’ the barn”.  This causes me to laugh out loud today (some almost 20 years later).  It was a priority to this woman to have her makeup on and done just right.  If you need to “paint the barn” then you should “paint the barn”.  Just a thought.

As I was reading the other day something caught my attention.  Look at II Kings 9:30, “And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a window.”  Jezebel was “painting the barn” so to speak.

In the case of Jezebel, it backfired on her.  Jehu called to the men near Jezebel and told them to throw her down and they did.  As a result God’s Word came true and the dogs ate her and licked her blood. I know this is gruesome; but, it is the truth.

Now, I am not on a rant against make-up today.  If you need it then put it on.  I am thinking about preparation though.  One day soon the sky will split wide open and we are going to be with the LORD.

What concerns me is that so many people are not ready to meet Jesus and even worse is the fact that people do not care if they are ready or not. This concerns me deeply.  What am I going to do about it?  you and I need to be vigilant about sharing the gospel with people so they might have the opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour and so they can know that Heaven is their eternal home.

So, how are you doing?