Dwell Together

You and I all know that there are people in life that we would rather just run away from.  People that we just do not want to be around.  Then there are those other people.  These people are fun to be around.  They encourage you.  When you leave these people you seem to have a void in your life.

I am blessed to have some people like that in my life.  Yes, I have them on both sides of this fence.  There are people that I would love to run from like I was being chased by wild animal.  There are yet others that I would pay money (if I had any) to spend time with.

I remember seeing a post on social media the other day about a boy that was talking with his father.  He was asking the father some questions that seemed very personal to the father.  Finally, the father scolded the child and sent him to bed.

After a while the father felt bad for his actions.  He went to his son to apologize for his actions and attitude.  When he took the time to listen to his son he learned that the boy had been saving money to pay hid father’s salary for one hour so that his father would spend that one hour with him.  The father broke in sorrow.

Look at Psalm 133:1, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  Far too many times we cannot have unity.  This is elusive as the legendary snipe.  There is benefit when people “dwell together”.  We can encourage one another to say the least.

The problem is that there are too many opposing forces against unity.  These things, people, circumstances, etc… work hard against unity.  The truth is that if we were united we could accomplish so much more.  This is the problem.  The enemy knows that if we bind together with Jesus and other Christians that we will be an unstoppable unit.  So, he fights against it as hard as he can.  It is time to restore Bible unity.

So, how are you doing?