While in South Haven, MI visiting my cousin, I took a photograph of the dining room of the Church parsonage they were living in.  This picture was a high dynamic range photograph of the dining room looking out the window.  The colors of fall are visible in the picture as well as the dining room and the light and shadows within.  From this picture came the idea to start a blog and call it “Pastor’s Table”.  This table is a place where you can come for comfort, counsel and even a cup of coffee or two.  I hope you enjoy what you find here and will be challenged to grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Bro.
    We are housting the pastor fellowship this month on the 11th and wondering if you like to speak.

    Phil Price, Pastor
    Lighthouse Baptist Church
    Dennison, IL 62423
    Cell #(217) 251-6318

    • Dear Pastor Price,

      I would be honored to speak at the fellowship on the 11th. I will put it on my calender. It is really good to hear from you again. I don’t think my wife will be able to come as she will be taking care of our son. I will try to work out a solution; but, don’t count on it.


      Bro. David Dale

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