Settle For

On Monday I stood before a group of Pastors and their wives and members of a great Church at a fellowship breakfast meeting.  I was honored to be asked to bring a challenge from the Bible.  My mind splattered.  What do you tell men who have been in the ministry as long as I have been alive?  Two of my best friends gave me the same counsel in different words.  They told me that they needed to hear exactly what their people needed to hear.

I struggled all week in preparation for Monday’s message.  I took my notebook with several possibilities and did not find peace about any certain one until just before the Pastor called me to the pulpit to deliver my charge to the congregation.

What was my biggest fear?  Good is the enemy of great.  I did not want to just “do a good job”.  I wanted God to miraculously use me to encourage those who cleared their schedules and in come cases traveled distances measured in hours.  This was very humbling to me.  Based on the encouraging word that were shared, God “rung their bell” as some would say.  I praise Him and I thank Him for just letting me be a part of His ministry.

We need to be careful what we settle on in life.  Far too many of us settle for good; but, we need to press on to great.  Not that we get accolades out of it; but, that God gets glorified from it.  He is the one who enables and equips us to do it anyway.  Look at this reminder in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

So, how are you doing?



I took the above picture at an orchid farm about an hour from home.  The flowers were beautiful.  In this picture you see a thank you letter written to the owner by a 3rd grade class.  Around it were many ribbons for winning various competitions.  They deserve every one of them.  Their orchids were stunning and some near breathtaking.

Soon I realized something.  I sat photographing beautiful flowers and even had brief interactions with the owner; but, not once did I share with him how to be saved.  I did not even give him a gospel tract.  I sit here typing this absolutely ashamed of myself.  God forgive me!

What if this man dies and spends eternity in hell?  I pray that God will not let that happen.  I pray that I have another opportunity to see him and share with him the love of Christ for him.  The Scriptures remind us of the futility of this world’s goods versus that of salvation.  Look at Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  The answer to that question to that question is, “Nothing”.

How about you?  Are you amassing all the world’s accolades with no care for eternity?  If you would like to know Christ as your Saviour please contact me as I would love to show you how to know for sure that Heaven is your eternal destination.

So, how are you doing?