The Pastor’s Table Blog

Dear Readers,

I have come to a place where there are some technical issues with my blog site that I need to have taken care of.  My IT professional will be taking my site down and will be doing some necessary work.  I am going to take advantage of this and take some time off from blogging.  I hope you understand that this is a needed break.  It is my prayer and hope that this will stimulate my creativity and that I can spend more quality and quantity time with my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I hope to gain a deeper relationship with Him that will allow me to share more deeply from my heart with all of you.

At this time I do not know how long this absence will be.  The technical part will not take as long as one might think as my IT professional is very gifted and does amazing work; but, I am going to take advantage of this brief down time and stretch it out to help me a little.

I look forward to coming back with some fresh material that will be helpful to you and those you love and minister to.

Thank you for your understanding!  May God bless you and those you minster to,

Pastor David Dale