Sorry, Wrong Number…

Joel Hemphill shares a story on one of the Gaither Homecoming DVD’s that caught my attention.  He said that he received a message on their answering machine from a lady that was upset because some organization that had left a box of food for she and her family was stolen by someone else.

He tells that the lady only left her address on the message and no telephone number and he had no way of getting in contact with the organization.  He tells how he decided to do something about this.  He told of getting a ham and a large box of food together.  He tells of walking through the projects of Nashville, TN as he looked for the address.  He tells how much the family appreciated the gift and how they responded to he and the gift.  He said, “I just remember walking away from that apartment thinking, God don’t ever let my number be a wrong number.”

I am sure that there have been times in my life that people have metaphorically dialed my number and received the message that it was a wrong number.  This really breaks my heart as I sit here thinking about that.  There have been many times in my life that I was not able to help someone.  Yet, was it a faith failure that kept me from helping them?  All this time later I could not tell you.  This one thing I know, if God will give me the faith then I promise to help whoever He directs me to help.

All too many times I have been on the needing end and I know what it is like to be turned away by even family because their resources are gone too.  If you have not made Jesus Christ the object of your faith then life will seem impossible.  Have you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ for eternal salvation?  If not I beg you to do that today.

So, how are you doing?