There were two farmers who needed rain. One farmer did nothing.  The other farmer went out and prepared his fields for rain.  Which one believed God?  Obviously, the farmer who made preparation for rain is the one who believed God.

What about you, my reader?  Are you trusting God?  We live in a day that we have no choice but to trust God.  I seems to me that you cannot hardly trust anyone around you anymore.  It is sad to say the least.

The Apostle Peter gets a lot of grief because he sank while walking on the water.  Here is the thing.  Nobody else got out of the boat.  I don’t see any of the people I hear talk down about Peter getting out of their boat and walking on the water either.  So, my counsel to you and I would be to “Put your money where your mouth is and start walking on the water yourself.”

Look at Matthew 14:28, “And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.”  It is high time for Christians to take God at His Word and get out of the boat and trust Him.  We want to do it ourselves and that is not trusting God.  It is one thing to do what you can and trust Him for what you cannot.  It is a whole different thing to sit back and expect God to do it all.  He will not.  You and I have to trust Him and do what we can and let Him work and do what we cannot.

So, how are you doing?