Christmas 23

One of my favorite “Andy Griffith” shows has Barney shutting down two thugs selling beside the road outside Mayberry.  Barney goes out to tell them again that they need to move along and he is filled with fear.  As he stands and gives his speech about how they might beat him up; but, behind his badge there is a brotherhood that will band together and hunt down the men and see they have justice served on them.  The entire time Andy is standing in the background in sight of these men.  They see Andy and decide to move on.

Sometimes you and I feel all alone.  We can rest assured that we are not alone.  We have a Heavenly Father that promises to not leave or forsake us.  I am thankful for that.  There have been some long nights where I needed to be reminded of this truth.

Praising God while experiencing great trials is not easy.  When you are fighting for your life and you realize that it is your own child that you are fighting against.  This is not a place where you just want to stop and shout a praise.  Yet, these shepherds were frightened deeply.  The Word of God tells us that there was an angel and this angel was joined by a host of other angels.  What were they doing?  They were sent to praise God.  Even though, these shepherds were scared beyond belief there was praise going on.  Look at Luke 2:13, “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,”

Praise is not just for the angels; but, it is for all of us.  We need to praise God no matter what.  Like the character of Grant Taylor from the movie “Facing the Giants”.  He tells his football team, “If we win, we praise Him.  If we lose, we praise Him.”  Good counsel coach!

So, how are you doing?